Wünder Fruit 60mg Sativa Capsule (6) Pks

Sativa Capsules are individually sold. Each bottle contains 360mg of THC and each capsule contains 60mg of THC.

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Wünder Fruit 60mg Sativa Capsule (6) Pks are made with fully decarboxylated hash oil married with coconut oil making for a potent medical cannabis edible. The high saturated fat content of coconut oil makes for a quick delivery method, utilized easily by the human body. Each variety of Wünder Fruit capsules are independently color coated making them easily distinguishable (20:1 *Blue, 1:1 *Red, Indica *Purple, Sativa *Orange).

  • Each capsule contains 60mg of THC from high quality cannabis.
  • This product should be swallowed.
  • Made with hash oil and coconut oil.
  • All capsules are sealed with tamper evident shrink wrap.
  • Gelatin Sativa Capsules are color coated *Orange.