Wünder Fruit 100mg 1/2oz. 20:1 CBD Tincture

1/2oz. 20:1 Tinctures are individually sold and contain 95mg of CBD 5mg of THC.

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Wünder Fruit 100mg 1/2oz. 20:1 CBD Tincture offers discrete medication with endless applications. This product line is made by suspending the best quality hash oil with coconut oil. Their unique process requires no chemical emulsifiers, maintaining the purity of the product. The high saturated fat content of coconut oil makes for a quick delivery method, utilized easily by the human body.

  • Contains 95mg of CBD and 5mg of THC from high quality cannabis.
  • This product should be consumed sublingually or swallowed.
  • Made with hash oil and coconut oil.
  • All tinctures are sealed with tamper evident shrink wrap.
  • Dosage is 2-4 droppers full (7.5mg per dropper).