Wünder Fruit 100mg 1:1 CBD Oral Spray

Oral Sprays are individually sold and contain 50mg of CBD 50mg of THC. Offering one of the fastest acting delivery methods available.

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Wünder Fruit 100mg 1:1 CBD Oral Spray offers fast acting, discrete medication. The Wünder Fruit oral sprays deliver cannabinoids upon contact with the oral mucosa. Unlike other edibles, this allows the product to start working in less than 10 minutes. With quicker effect times and smaller doses, it is easy to regulate the perfect dosage for each persons unique medical needs.

  • Contains 50mg of CBD and 50mg of THC from high quality cannabis.
  • This product should be consumed sublingually or swallowed.
  • All oral sprays are sealed with tamper evident shrink wrap.
  • Dosage varies based on medical needs: Each spray delivers a 2mg dose.