MellowJello 250mg Pitcher of Chill

250mg Pitcher of Chill comes in several flavors for specifics please call the office at 831.609.6580.

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MellowJello 250mg Pitcher of Chill comes in several flavors. This is a great way to medicate for those who do not smoke or have trouble swallowing pills. Each package contains powdered drink mix, just add water, chill, and enjoy. It is recommended the Pitcher of Chill be prepared and separated into several containers for ease of dosing. Each packet contains enough mix to prepare (10) 4oz servings measuring at approximately 25mg each.

  • All products are individually labeled with batch testing.
  • Tamper evident seal for quality assurance.
  • Made with pure clear distillate extracted cannabis oil.
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sugar-Free