Ganja Grindz 75mg THC 7.5mg CBD Roastmaster’s Blend Bottled Coffee

Cold Coffee is individually sold or available in cases of 12 units.

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With a bold aroma and smooth velvety flavor, Roastmaster’s Blend Bottled Coffee will wake and bake you no matter what time of day. To ensure quality, consistency, purity and potency, their products are infused with The Clear™ solvent free cannabis oil and The Clear™ CBD crystalline isolate. Their award winning coffee is a Colombian Supremo blend that is roasted locally, non-GMO, fair trade and 100% shade grown & sun dried. Drink black or add a touch of your favorite sweetened creamer.  Shake well, refrigerate after opening and drink within 5 days of opening.

  • The Clear™ is pesticide free, solvent free, and mold free cannabis oil.
  • The CBD used is an isolate crystal and is water soluble.
  • The triple roast beans go through an (18) hour cold soak.
  • Sugar-free and dairy-free.
  • Contains: 75mg of THC and 7.5mg of CBD