Ganja Grindz 100mg THC 20mg CBD Infused Coffee Filters (20-2pk)

Coffee Filters come in a tin of 20 packages. Each package contains (2) 50mg THC/ 10mg CBD coffee filters (40 filters in total).

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With their patented technology they have developed a way for you to infuse any coffee with The Clear™ solvent free cannabis oil and The Clear™ CBD crystalline isolate; ensuring quality, consistency, purity and potency. Simply replace your regular coffee filter with a Ganja Grindz Coffee Filter, brew and viola; your pot of coffee is now infused with the cleanest and strongest cannabis oil on the market.  The Ganja Grindz Coffee Filter is a standard 8-12 cup unbleached coffee filter.  Use with any standard drip coffee machine, French press, pour over or cowboy method of brewing

  • The Clear™ is free from pesticides, solvents, and mold.
  • The CBD used is an isolate crystal and is water soluble.
  • Provides discrete medication.
  • Each package contains 100mg THC/ 20mg CBD
  • That is (2) 50mg THC/ 10mg CBD filters in each package.