Big Basin Botanicals ‘Dancing Flame’

EnvirOganic Certified
Total Cannabinoid Content – 22.13%
Indica / Sativa Hybrid

Available in Quarter Pounds Packaged in:
1/8 Oz Glass Jar (32 units)
1/8 Oz Drams “littles” (32 units)
Available in Eighth Pounds Packaged in:
Single Grams Drams (56 units)

Tested as required under BPC section 26070(1)


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Dancing Flame is an even split Hybrid that has an interesting flavor combination of sweet fruit with a sharp cheese-like undertone, producing a pungent mixture of aromas. Known to releive stress, this strain is a sure fire way to lift your mood.

Located on ridge tops in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Big Basin Botanicals® is ideally situated at the ‘banana-belt’ elevation allowing for all day sun and an optimal microclimate for producing high potency and terpene rich flowers.


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Gram Dram, Eighth Glass, Eighth Littles Dram