Alta California Anxiety Relief Tincture

Anxiety Relief Tincture dominant in CBD to reduce mental activity, elevate mood, and relieve depression.

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INTERNAL • High CBD/ Low THC • High Healing Value • Psycho De-Activating.

This flavorful, high CBD tincture offers the maximum healing properties of CBD and its psycho de-activating capacity. Its properties decrease mental activity and therefore relieve anxiety and PTSD. The active ingredient in Anxiety Relief tincture CBD, is an appetite suppressant. Anxiety Relief can be used to neutralize the effects of THC. The process for Anxiety Relief tinctures employs High Tech/ Low Impact Ultra Sonic Extraction. CBD has been shown to have enhanced effects when used in combination with other cannabinoids including THC, THCa, and CBN.

  • 150mg of cannabis in each bottle
  • 15ml bottle
  • one dropper full is approx. 10mg
  • Universal Dose 10mg/100lbs body weight