The Healing Cabinet  is a design and packaging company with an inhouse graphics team and packaging specialists. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we have provided safe and regulated packaging supplies to Northern California since 2014. We support our  clients by offering a variety of packaging options and services including: copliant labeling, consulting services, custom packaging, web design, and marketing stategy. For our valued clients we strive to provide them with a one stop source for most of their packaging solution needs  and assist their team with knowledge to educate and appeal to consumers.


With decades of combined experience let us help you bring your product to market from start to finish. From the basics of branding to the extensive compliance testing, we can offer all-inclusive distribution services or services tailored to your specific needs.


Let us take a load off your shoulders by offering a dedicated sales and transport team. Allowing you to focus on creating the best product while we continue to grow your sales. Need help sourcing packaging or labels, we have you covered with a graphic designer on staff and a variety of option we keep stocked in inventory.


We are dedicated to supplying 2018 compliant products to our great community of deliveries and dispensaries. We also can offer our packaging services for any non-compliant product you still have in stock.